Erdinc's journey in the world of internet communities, technology, and product development began at the age of 11, fueled by an early love for these domains.

Raised in Istanbul, he moved to Berlin, Germany, for his studies.

He pursued studies in entrepreneurship and technology, where he honed his skills in building and managing teams. During his college years, Erdinc was actively involved in developing several apps, a practice he continued even after completing his bachelor's thesis on 'collaborative digital product experiences.'

Throughout his academic and professional life, Erdinc worked as a product designer. His career includes significant roles at Adviqo and later at Wikimedia, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. At these organizations, he contributed to products reaching millions of users and played a key role in designing banner interactions for donation campaigns.


In 2023 summer, Erdinc returned to his early childhood passion for sharing knowledge. He started creating content on YouTube, focusing on entrepreneurship and no-code platforms, catering to a growing audience of aspiring entrepreneurs. Currently, he continues to excel in creating innovative digital products and producing engaging content, merging his technical expertise with a flair for communication.


No Code Builds for the YouTube community (5K+ Downloads)

⇢ Founder @ Independent Apps (iOS & Android, Flutter)

⇢ Fundraising Design @ Wikimedia DE (Non-profit of Wikipedia)

⇢ Design Collaborative Digital Experiences @ Bachelor's Thesis

⇢ Mobile UX @ Adviqo (Millions of Users DACH region)

©Erdinc Ciftci 2024

Keep jumping to it!

©Erdinc Ciftci 2024

Keep jumping to it!