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Erdinc Ciftci

entrepreneur (YouTuber / Product builder)

I build helpful stuff and share my experiences. You can consult me on your AI Automation needs to don’t fall behind in competition. I have many years of tech experience designing for millions of users worldwide and running my own apps with technical and business knowledge, happy to share it all with you. 💚

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AI Automation Consultation

Ready to advance your AI journey? I offer assistance in AI concept development, strategy, feasibility analysis, coaching, and education.

✅ Continuous email support,
✅ Invite up to three additional participants,
✅ 5+ years of tech & business experience summarized for you.

Due to high demand and managing my content as a “one man” show besides my actual job of building apps, I had to remove an easier way to contact so please reach out to me at erdinc@erdincciftci.com and I will do my best to get through important stuff. Thank you for your respect & understanding that I may not be able to reply to all! 💚