Early Ages

I was born and raised in Istanbul, but at a young age, I moved to Berlin, Germany, finished my studies there, and started my professional life.

I started building online products and producing content at the very age of 11 and then later on pursued this interest further by being an entrepreneur and studying relevant topics.

Studies & Building Products

While doing my studies and switching to my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve professionally worked as a UX designer at Adviqo and later on Wikimedia (Wikipedia’s Non-Profit Organization), building products for millions of users.

I finished my education at CODE University Berlin, where the main focus is tech and entrepreneurship, and then started building my independent projects.

Some Notable Products I’ve been working on as a builder during this period (designer/founder/coder… depending on the case)
→ Wikimedia DE: Wikipedia & Wikidata, Specially Fundraising Designs.
→ Designing and Evaluating a Collaborative Digital Prototype (My Bachelor Research at CODE)
→ Building independent mobile NFT tracking apps (Moonfty & Wagroo)
→ Student UX Designer at Adviqo (Millions of DACH area users)
→ Student Projects at CODE: Melt Dating App, Turalee Language Learning App, and many others

Full-Time Entrepreneur / Youtuber

After graduating and building many products within various roles, I’ve started exploring new trends and sharing my builds on YouTube with unique perspectives. With the wave of “AI Automation Apps” during 2023 Summer, my videos began popping up, and I’ve been leaning into this “childhood dream” more and more.

So right now, I’m sharing insights on my socials, building products through the latest technologies on my YouTube, and building a “Legendary community.”

You can contact me and find all my socials here .

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