Hi, It’s Erdinc.

I was born and raised in Istanbul and started my first blog about technology at the age of 11 (2007) – soon after I became a digital native.

I was translating tech & product articles from English to Turkish at a very early age. After high school, I’ve continued to study “New Media” in Istanbul but before the graduation, I’ve come to Berlin for a Design Exchange program at Berlin International University, when I was about the go back to Istanbul I’ve come with an advertising of a tech & entrepreneurship university and after getting accepted I’ve stayed here. Currently, I’m living in Berlin, finishing my Interaction Design bachelor at Code University Berlin, working as a UX/UI designer at Wikimedia Deutschland with multidisciplinary approaches to product design.


About Working:

I enjoy discussing product ideas and making them a reality. I like combining my technical skills and interpersonal skills to get the best out of collaborative work. My strengths are more into the creative and ideation side and that’s why I like working in combination with more daily tasks focused teammates.

I believe in talking to the people and observing them, communicating in the early phase before starting to pushing pixels around. One of the most interesting projects I did was just researching and interviewing “How People Learn?” just for 2 months before designing an experience. Using design methodologies and checking the results with reality is a constant challenge and I love this challenge.

Besides the narrative and qualitative part, I also enjoy a lot designing real solutions and the visual side of things. I have an endless appetite for learning in this area. When I feel competitive enough on what I need to do I also like learning more in technical skills to expand my abilities. I do develop stuff with Javascript Frameworks and Flutter from time to time in a project where it’s needed.

But at the end of all the design, tech and research work I have an entrepreneur spirit I guess coming from my Dad. He struggled him all life to create a cosmetic business in Turkey with years of work some in big companies some in his own ventures. I’ve already failed a startup with my university friends (MELT) and keep trying new ideas that I believe in. I enjoy the freedom and risk of making an idea of reality and serving it to people. Will keep trying and share my learnings and works on this website.

With ❤️ and warm regards.

Erdinç Çiftçi

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