I Got It (Research)

About: “I Got It” was a group project at Code University which is about finding best learning experiences of people and recreating positive experiences based on research findings.

Our Process: We planned to start with discovery and literature reading so here we are expanding our focus. After we are defining areas to focus and before starting Diary Studies & Cultural Probes we will have hypotheses to focus on. After we’ve concluded our latest research methods we have an idea for a better experience so we can create an experience story and experience prototype, that’s where we narrow our focus again. 

Agreed Project Goal: Our goal is to find out about strategies on how to make self-learning experiences even better & more positive experiences and therefore we interview people to find out about patterns in self-learning, so we can extract strategies on how to make the learning experience even better by using the approach of Positive Design.

I’ve learned: 

  • Human Psychology,
  • Literature Reading,
  • Experience Design,
  • Structuring a Research Group,
  • Group Dynamics & Communications,
  • Design Methods,
  • How to Conduct an Interview ,
  • What is an “Experience Prototype”? ,
  • How Double Diamond Process applies to a real life project,
  • Gathering and Structuring Data,
  • Synthesis of Qualitative Information,
  • Grounded Theory, 
  • Creating Experience Focused Hypotheses 
Photos of Process:
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